Tutoring Service

Tutoring is aimed at guiding and assisting students throughout their studying career, at making them involved in the educational process, at removing obstacles to successful attendance of courses, also through initiatives related to the needs and attitudes of individuals. The Tutor has the task to support students in the process of learning, particularly with regard to newly-enrolled students. 
Tutoring allowances are conferred by selective procedures, in which students of the University enrolled in Doctorate Courses as well as students enrolled in the last or penultimate year of a Master's Degree Course can participate. 

The tutoring service is a service for students with the following objectives: 

  • improvement of study activities and information for a better fruition of the right to education and services with the primary aim of decreasing the dropout rate and reducing the gap between the legal and real duration of the study career; 

  • provide support and give advices for the choice of the study path; 

  • create a better connection between teachers and students to facilitate the resolution of problems encountered in preparing exams, in registering for internships and in planning the study plan. 



 Students can contact Tutors at the following contacts, according to the type of request: 


Tutor for newly-enrolled students: 

Tutoring for newly-enrolled students is addressed to students enrolled in the 1st  year of the Bachelor’s, Master's and Single-Cycle Degree Courses. 

How can the Tutor help you?

The Tutor for newly-enrolled students acts as a facilitator for students in the 1st year of their study career. The Tutor helps students to familiarize with the University's operating mechanisms as quickly as possible (timetables, study plans, exam registration). The Tutor will also support future students in the orientation process in the University world by illustrating the contents of the degree courses in the relevant cultural areas, and by providing information about the services offered by the University. 

In particular, the Tutor carries out welcome, orientation, and support activities for 1st year students in order to help newly-enrolled students to enter in the University's functioning mechanisms as quickly as possible (primarily timetables, study plans, registration for exams). 

Some of the topics on which tutors can help you:

  • study method and how to organize yourself;  

  • badge pickup and its use; 

  • parking; 

  • integrated courses; 

  • how an exam is carried out; 

  • how the canteen works; 

  • exams validation; 

  • scholarships/fee discount; 

  • where the various classrooms are located. 

Tutors for newly enrolled students are available from Monday to Friday, from 11.00 to 14.00, in the atrium on the ground floor of Polo Murri.


Learning Tutor:

Learning Tutor contacts  


Guide Tutors

Guide Tutors provide help for students enrolled in the 1st and 2nd year, in coordination with learning Tutors 

If you are facing difficulties with your university career and you need help or support, Guide Tutors are available to meet you. 

Jbr Rida  https://www.orienta.univpm.it/jbr-rida

Ambra Angelini: https://www.orienta.univpm.it/ambra-angelini/ 

Selene Muraro: https://www.orienta.univpm.it/selene-muraro/ 

*list in update*